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Image by Trina Koster


I am an avid, amateur photographer.  I work as a librarian in Toronto, Canada but I spend all my free time (and disposable income) photographing in Canada and around the world.  I was born in South Africa, and have lived in Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and Malaysia.  My love of photography started in my teens when my mother gave me her old Pentax Spotmatic and my parents allowed me to set up a black and white darkroom in the basement where I printed a lot of pretty terrible images. Now I enjoy photographing a variety of subjects - particularly remnants of the past - from old, wooden grain elevators on the Canadian Prairies to Mayan ruins in Mexico.  




Epson Pano Awards – Gold Medal , Lightning Strike II
International Photography Awards (ipa) - Honorable Mention, Newfoundland Icebergs International Photography Awards (ipa) - Honorable Mention, Winter Fences


International Photography Awards (ipa) - 2nd place, Arashiyama
International Photography Awards (ipa) - Honorable Mention, Lightning Strike II


Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3) - Silver Medal, Mayan Ruins series
International Photography Awards (ipa) - Honorable MentionMayan Ruins series


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Culturamas (2019)

I did an interview for the Spanish culture magazine Culturamas.

LEMAG (2018/2019)

An essay on the creation of my Mayan ruins series was published in Issue 6 of LEMAG

My Newfoundland Iceberg series was published in Issue 1 of LEMAG.

Nathan wirth's Slices of silence (2017)

I wrote an article entitled Thoughts About Photographing Place about my photography in the Prairies, Mexico and Japan for Nathan Wirth's Slices of Silence: Conversations about Photography blog.

Flickr Blog Photographer Spotlight (2018)

I was featured in a Photographer Spotlight on the Flickr Blog.



INAH Templos y Dioses Maya. Merida, Mexico.


Concrete Collective: Exploring Buffalo’s Lost Industry. Buffalo, United States.


Hidden City. Toronto, Canada.

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